Gas Spy Eyes

Every day up to 26,000 Kiwi's from an active Carmunity of Gas Spies use the Gaspy App to find the cheapest fuel prices closest to them.

We provide an option to exclusively advertise in the Gaspy app for an extended period of time. Allowing you to target a campaign directly to the Gaspy carmunity.

AreaDaily PriceAverage Daily Views
North Island$50049,463
South Island$1008,489

50% discount on your first placement
(prices shown do not include this discount)

Advertising is available for booking in weekly blocks. All prices shown are valid until 28/02/2019 and are exclusive of GST. Your advertising will be exclusive to the purchased area(s) for the duration. All imagery and links must be provided to Gaspy by the advertiser in the correct format 48 hrs prior to the booked advertising slot. If you have any questions or wish to make a booking please use the button below.

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